Multi-project feature

Mobile Center's multi-project feature lets you create and manage multiple, separated projects or tenants on a single Mobile Center server. You can then assign and manage users, apps, and mobile devices per project. Each project is isolated—a project's apps and devices are only visible within that project.

This section describes the basic flow for getting started with Mobile Center when using the multi-project feature.

Cross-project operator tasks

An operator performs the initial setup tasks. When you first install Mobile Center, a default user ( is created. This user is assigned an operator role. If you are upgrading, the default Mobile Center Lab console administrator user is assigned an operator role.

Install Mobile Center

Install Mobile Center on a Windows or Linux machine.

Project Management
  • Create projects (optional). An operator can create projects (shared workspaces). If no projects are created, users will work with Mobile Center in a single project environment using the DEFAULT project.
  • Configure global, cross-project settings and configure LDAP.

    Note: To work in LDAP mode, you must first enable the multi-project feature, before enabling LDAP mode.

  • Create and remove operators
  • Assign or remove project (shared workspace) administrators
  • Reset passwords for locked-out users
  • Upload a license

For more information, see Project Management.

Project administrator tasks

Once the operator has defined the projects and the project administrators, these administrators can log into their respective projects and start configuring them.

If the operator has not defined additional projects (tenants), the system starts with the DEFAULT project with as the administrator of the project (or the Mobile Center default administrator user created during initial installation) . The admin user can assign additional users to the project.

Connect devices

Allocate devices to a project by installing one or more standalone connectors for Windows, Linux, or Mac OS. The connector is configured to work with one specific project only.


  • When you install the connector, you will be required to select the project for which the connector should be configured.
  • Devices connected directly through a USB cable to the Mobile Center machine are visible only in the DEFAULT project.

Add users

  • Allow others to run tests with Mobile Center by adding them to the list of project users.
Other administration tasks

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Testing flows

Automation Engineers/ Testers/ DevTest users can test their mobile apps by following this basic flow:

Start testing your mobile app

Get started with exploratory testing

Integrate your testing tool with Mobile Center
If your testing tool multiple supports Mobile Center's project capabilities, you can start testing your apps in a multi-project environment. For details, see Select a project with a testing tool.

Connect devices (Optional)

Install a standalone connector for the project and connect devices . Note that when you install the connector, you will be required to select the project for which the connector should be configured.

Lab console

Manage your Mobile Center account and reserve devices in the Lab console.

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