User roles and permissions

When using the multi-project feature, users can have the role of an operator, administrator, or user. The operator has the highest level of permissions and has cross-project permissions.

Differences between user roles

The following table illustrates the main differences between roles:

Permissions Operator Admin User
Project Management

Can access Project Management to create and edit projects (shared workspaces), manage operators and administrators, configure Mobile Center global settings, and manage licenses.

Not visible

Not visible

Download logs Can download Mobile Center server logs (available from Project Management.) Can download device logs for devices connected to a project (shared workspace) in which they are an administrator. Can only download logs for devices to which they have access.
Operator /User Management


Can add additional operators and project administrators.
Creates an admin user when creating a new project.


Can create a new user or assign an existing user to a project in which they are assigned as an administrator.
Can assign either a user or admin role within a project.

Operator /User Management



Can change the role of a project user (Admin/ User)

Operator /User Management


Can delete an operator.

Can remove a project administrator.


Can unassign a user from a project

View system info
Change password

(not available when using LDAP)

Can reset the password for any user from the Operators Management page. Can only reset their own password. Can only reset their own password.
License Management Can access the Licenses page in Project Management to upload and manage licenses.

Note: When you upgrade your Mobile Center installation, the installation will assign an Operator role to the administrator whose credentials you entered during the upgrade.

Admin and user permissions within a project

Users can only access projects to which they have been added as administrators or users. An administrator can also add LDAP users and assign them to a specific project.

By default, the default operator user,, is also assigned the role of project administrator for the DEFAULT project. When an operator user is assigned the role of administrator for a specific project , they have the same rights as an admin user within that project.

Permissions Admin User
Devices Has control of all devices in a project that they administer. Can create and manage device pools.

Can only access their private devices, shared devices, or those devices that belong to the workspace assigned to the user.

View Connectors Can view and manage all connectors connected to a project that they administer. Can view only their own connectors.
View Reservations Can toggle between All and Mine in the Reservations tab of a project that they administer. Can manage only their own reservations in the Reservations tab.
Administration Menu


Can access the Administration menu of the Lab in a project that they administer, to create and manage users, and to configure Mobile Center project settings.
Can also define and manage workspaces within the project that they administer.

Not visible


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