NV on Cloud terms and conditions

NV on Cloud (beta version) is an NV trial service hosted on the cloud.

The NV on Cloud service records all data, including encrypted SSL data that is transferred through your device during the testing process. The recorded data is used for generating an HTML-based NV Insights report. The recorded data is deleted immediately after the NV Insights report is generated. NV Insights reports are kept in a secure storage center for 14 days. During this period, you can use your Mobile Center instance to access the NV Insights report on the web.

The recorded data and NV Insights reports may include sensitive personally identifiable information (PII). Micro Focus values your privacy. Therefore:

  • Micro Focus does not use the recorded data for any purpose other than generating NV Insights reports.
  • Micro Focus does not share the NV Insights reports with any other party.

Share your NV Insights reports responsibly – they may contain sensitive personally identifiable information.

Note: If you are an EU citizen or if you intend to upload information relating to EU citizens, wait for the availability of the EU data center.

For more information, see the Privacy statement.

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