When you purchase a license for Mobile Center, you receive a number of licenses and services in addition to what's included in your license. For more details on what your license type includes, see Install your Mobile Center license.


You receive the following when you purchase a license for Mobile Center:

Interactive Testing via Sprinter Uncapped standalone Sprinter license. This allows you to perform simulated and real-world exploratory testing and report back on usability, design, and defects. For more details, see Sprinter integration.
Mobile Service Assurance via AppPulse Active

Includes 5 points of presence over 1 year. This allows you to benefit from automated monitoring and alert capabilities. For a free trial, see Synthetic Monitoring Software.

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Mobile Analytics via AppPulse Mobile

100 users over one year, for two applications. This allows you to identify the root cause of performance, stability and resource usage issues that impact the most users. You can also prioritize issues that have the most impact on the greatest number of users, benchmark trends over time, and identify whether changes made have improved the UX. For details, see Mobile Monitoring Software.

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Crowd and beta testing capabilities with Ubertesters

Free trial period of 45 days with 40 free members. At the end of the trial, 15 free members for a year. For more details, see Mobile Center extended services and the Ubertesters site.

Maximum number of projects: 6
Maximum storage: 1GB
Revision history archive retention: 6 months
Up to 25 builds per project.

App Xray (SafeDK) 4 free mobile app scans.
For more details, see Mobile Center extended services.

Free downloads

Quality Center: Manage and automate delivery of secure, reliable, and high-quality applications by deploying Quality Center Enterprise on-premises or through SaaS. Download a trial version.

LoadRunner: Get an accurate picture of end-to-end system performance to identify and resolve issues before applications go live. Free for an unlimited time and available with 50 virtual users (Vusers). Learn more.