Re-sign the Agent apps

The Agent apps are standard iOS applications that need to be installed on each device that you want to use with Mobile Center.

More about the Agent apps

The Agent apps provide a communication channel between the device and Mobile Center.

The following apps must be re-signed with a development certificate of an Apple Developer account, and a development provisioning profile belonging to the same account:

  • Agent
  • Agent Launcher
  • WebDriverAgent Runner-Runner
  • WebDriverAgentRunner-Runner_xcode9
  • Agent_D*

* The AgentD app is generally not required. However, you may be asked by Micro Focus support to use this debug agent in special cases for troubleshooting.

The certificate and provisioning profile provide the identity of the developer, and the list of devices on which distribution of the app is allowed.

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Re-sign and deploy the Agent apps

To simplify and support automation of the Agent app re-signing process, Mobile Center administrators can set up automatic Agent signing and distribution. At the end of the process, the re-signed Agent apps will be distributed to all connectors that are currently connected the Mobile Center server, as well as any connector that connects to the server in the future.

Note: The re-signed Agent apps are not installed on the connected devices until the connector is restarted, or the devices are reconnected.

Automatic signing requires a Mac machine that is available at all times, with a connection to the Mobile Center server. For details see, Set up automatic app packaging and signing services

To re-sign the Agent apps manually, see Package an iOS app manually.

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