Service Virtualization integration

Mobile Center's integration with Service Virtualization is part of the Early access features. This release supports testing through the Micro Focus functional testing tool, LeanFT .

About the integration

This integration allows mobile testers to use SV (Service Virtualization) with the LeanFT testing tool solution on Windows machines.

The integration lets you:

  • Virtualize your sensors, API calls, and devices
  • Simulate using Service Virtualization technology
  • Continuously test your application with other Micro Focus testing tools

Using LeanFT you can run tests that include SV actions (service activation and scenario selection), using SV scenarios.

You run tests on your device using the Mobile Center REST API that implements SV-specific API calls.

Contact to obtain the necessary certificate and scenario files.

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Set up your device

In order to run an app on a device with Service Virtualization, you need to enable it for each one of your devices.

  1. Enable SV on the devices.

    1. Locate the file, located by default in the Mobile Center Connector\server\conf folder.
    2. Add the UDID of the devices that will use SV to the SV feature flag. For example:

      DEVICE_LIST_WITH_SV_FEATURE_ENABLED =8a6e6738ttt, 9887fc3159555

    3. Save the file and restart the Mobile Center connector.
  2. Set up the proxy for the device.

    From the device, connect to a WiFi network from which you can successfully ping the Mobile Center connector machine. The device must be connected over WiFi and the machine running the SV Lab must be reachable over the network.

  3. Install the SV certificate file (this step is not required if you are running instrumented REST API calls).

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Enable the integration

Once you enable SV integration, all apps that you upload will be instrumented for both Mobile Center and Service Virtualization.

To enable the SV integration with Mobile Center:

  1. With an admin role, click the Administration button in the right of the masthead, and choose the Settings tab. Scroll down and select the Service Virtualization (SV) Integration node.
  2. Set Enable SV integration to Yes.
  3. Click Verify and Save.

When you connect a device, Mobile Center installs both the MC Agent and the SV Agent apps onto the device, provided that the device was added to the list of SV enabled devices.

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Upload apps

After you have enabled SV integration, all apps that you upload will be packaged with the SV instrumentation.

The app card will indicate which SV capabilities are available such as Bluetooth and NFC.

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Perform SV Simulation

Use the following API call to retrieve the URL and to communicate with the SV server from an Appium test:

rest/sv/session/{{ appium_session_id}}

Use the SV Lab Client SDK to perform service virtualization actions.

To use service virtualization with LeanFT, see the LeanFT Help Center.

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