Project Management

When logging into Mobile Center as an operator, you have access to the Project Management console where you can define and manage all projects (shared workspaces). Project Management is not visible to users with admin or user roles.

Projects page

You use this page to create and manage projects (shared workspaces). A table lists the projects, project ID, and administrator for each project.

A DEFAULT project (ID 999999999) is created automatically, and the default operator user ( is assigned as the project administrator for this project.

Each project (shared workspace) has its own devices, apps, and users.

As an operator, use this page to:

Create new projects(shared workspaces)
  1. Click .
  2. Enter a unique name for the new project
  3. Provide the email of its administrator, or the login name for an LDAP user.

Note: An LDAP user must perform an initial login to Mobile Center before being assigned as an administrator.

Rename projects To edit a project name, hover over a project name in the grid and click the name in the grid.
Remove projects

Hover over a project name in the grid, and click .

Note: When you remove a project, it is stored as a deactivated project. Therefore, you cannot reuse the name of a removed project.

Add project administrators In the grid, hover over a project name and click to open the Project Administrators dialog box. Click . Provide the administrator’s email and set a password. For LDAP users, you only specify the login name.
Remove project administrators

In the grid, hover over a project name and click to open the Project Administrators dialog box. Click the Remove button adjacent to the administrator you want to remove, and confirm the deletion.

When you remove a user with an Operator role from a project, it still appears in the Operators list. To remove an Operator, open the Operators Management page, hover over the user, and click the Remove button.

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Licenses page

The Licenses page shows the license capacity across all projects. You manage licenses globally across projects. In the Licenses page, you can add new licenses or view the number of active licenses, their expiration dates, their device capacity, and the license type.

You can connect as many devices as you want to Mobile Center, however, the number of devices that can use Mobile Center at the same time across all projects (regardless of the type of activity), is determined by the license capacity. For details, see License management.

When the Early access features for multiple projects are disabled, the Licenses page is located in the ADMINISTRATION tab.

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Global settings page

Set and update the global settings that will be available across all projects.


This section lets you configure the initial string for Single Sign-On logins.

The Single Sign-on Init string is mandatory for integration with the ALM extension for Mobile Center. Paste in the value of the COMMUNICATION_SECURITY_PASSPHRASE flag from ALM Site Administration. If you leave this field empty, single sign-on will not work. For details, see Open the Mobile Center wizard.

If you modify the SSO Init string, make sure to log out and log in again in order for it to take effect.

Proxy setting (web access)

The proxy settings let you specify the name, port, and credentials of the proxy server required to access the web.

LDAP integration

Organizations that use LDAP to manage their user accounts, can let users access Mobile Center with their LDAP credentials.

Note: The multi-project feature must be enabled before enabling LDAP.

For guidelines for working with LDAP users, see LDAP users . To use secure LDAP (SSL), see Configuring Mobile Center for secure LDAP.

Considerations when using LDAP:

  • When you change the Enable/Disable LDAP mode, you must restart the Mobile Center server for them to take effect.
  • The User Search Filter setting indicates the form of the LDAP query used to find a user during login. It must include the pattern {0}, which is replaced with the user name when a user logs into the Cloud Service Management Console. If you specify CN={0}, it uses the CN to log in. If you specify mail = {0}, it uses the email.

For other settings configured by the administrator, see the Administration tabs.

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Operators management page

As an operator, use this page to:

Add new operators Click .
Enter a user name or email for the new operator.
Reset password In the grid, hover over an operator whose password you want to reset, and click to open the User Details dialog box. Enter a new password for the user along with your own password.
Remove operators

In the grid, hover over an operator and click Remove .

View Locked users

Above the grid, a list of the users locked out of their account is shown . To reset a password for a locked user, click Reset Password and specify one of the listed users.

Note: When using Internet Explorer, you must hover over the page with your mouse in order to see the list of operators.

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View system logs

Operators users can download the log files (including server, connector, and audit logs) from the Mobile Center server.

In Project Management, hover on the icon for a menu with these options.

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