NV Web Services API

Network Virtualization’s API is included with the Network Virtualization installation. It uses the Representation State Transfer (REST) interface.


The Web Services API contains the following services:

Web Services Authentication

All calls to API services must be authenticated. Authentication is with a preexisting user on the NV Test Manager machine to which you are sending the request. In standalone mode, this is the user provided during installation. In server mode, this can be any user configured on the NV Server.

To authenticate a request:

Each request sent to the API should include the header

Authorization: Basic <username:password>

where username:password are encoded in Base64.

Example: username = davidsmith

password = changeit

davidsmith:changeit > Base64 encoded > ZGF2aWRzbWl0aDpjaGFuZ2VpdA==

The header sent with the request is: Authorization: Basic ZGF2aWRzbWl0aDpjaGFuZ2VpdA==

Note: If you installed NV Location Editor on a computer without NV Test Manager, no authentication is required to use Location Editor Services. Requests are sent without the Authorization header.

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Web Services Command Line Interface

Many of the web services can be accessed from the Network Virtualization Command Line Interface (CLI). For more information, see Network Virtualization Command Line Interface.

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