NV API Interactive Help

You can use the NV API Interactive Help to learn about the various NV REST API methods, view their parameters, response models, and response messages, and try out various operations, such as setting the active adapter, and adding tests and transactions.

Interacting with the operations in the NV API Interactive Help makes actual modifications to your data.

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To use the NV API Interactive Help:

  1. Open the NV Interactive API Help from the Start menu (Start > All Programs > HPE Network Virtualization > NV Test Manager > API Interactive Help).

  2. At the top of the page, enter your Test Manager credentials, and then click Explore.

  3. Do the following:

    1. Expand a resource, such as emulation, to view its list of operations.
    2. Expand an operation to view more details about its request parameters and response model.
    3. Perform an operation by specifying its parameter values. Then click Try it out.
  4. (Optional) In a different browser tab, refresh NV Test Manager to view the changes to your data.