Download Packet List

Downloads the actual packet list as a binary stream. After the packet list has been dowloaded, it can be cleared by setting the ’clear’ flag to true. The default value for the ’clear’ flag is false, so if omitted the packet list capture continues from the same point after the download. Use the ’clear’ flag to save disk space and prevent packet list overwrite for tests that have large packet lists.

Note: When using transaction markers, a two second timeout must be applied after Download Packet List and before Stop Transaction. Otherwise not all of the transaction data will be included in the packet list.


URL http://ip:port/shunra/api/trafficresource/packetlist/{testToken}/{packetlistId}?clear=true
HTTP Headers

Accept: application/octet-stream

Authorization: See Web Services Authentication.



HTTP Response Code 200 - OK
HTTP Headers  
HTTP Body The binary file expected