Content & PDFs

Network Virtualization documentation includes the following help content and PDF guides:


Get Started    
  Network Virtualization User Guide Network Virtualization Help in PDF format.
  What's new   Describes the newest features in the latest version of Network Virtualization.
  Readme   Provides general information about Network Virtualization, such as system requirements and limitations.
  Videos   Learn more about Network Virtualization.
Set up NV    
  Installation Describes how to install the latest version of Network Virtualization.
  Network Virtualization Licensing   Describes the available licenses and license installation process.
  Manage tests   Describes how to use NV Test Manager to create and run tests, and to view the analysis results.
  Manage profiles   Describes how to use NV Test Manager to create and maintain network profiles, which define network impairments and conditions.
  Analyzing Test Results   Describes how to view and understand NV Insights and the comprehensive reports produced by Network Virtualization to help you improve the performance of your application.
  NV Web Services API   Describes Network Virtualization’s API, included with the Network Virtualization installation. It uses the Representation State Transfer (REST) interface.
  NV API Interactive Help   Describes how to use the NV API Interactive Help to learn about the various NV REST API methods, view their parameters, response models, and response messages, and try out various operations.
NV Extensions    
  Network Virtualization   Describes the Network Virtualization for Performance Testing integration with LoadRunner and Performance Center.
  NV Server   Describes how to install and use the optional NV Server to manage users and groups, and how to use the NV Server as a repository for storing test results, test configurations, and network profiles.