Download Tests from NV Server

Users can upload tests from NV Test Manager to the NV Server. This makes the tests available to other NV Test Manager users – who can access the NV Server. These users can download test files from the Server. For details on uploading tests, see Upload Tests to NV Server.

Note: The functionality in this topic is available only to Server-based installations i.e. those Network Virtualization installations that include the NV Server.

You can download test configuration files and test results files from the NV Server.

  • Test Configuration files. Contain network configuration parameters, and appear in the NV Server repository as test configuration files [].

    After downloading test configuration files to NV Test Manager, the downloaded files appear in NV Test Manager database's Test Configuration list, that is available when developing Advanced Tests. For details, see Create and Run Advanced Tests.

  • Test results files. Contain the results of tests that have run. These files appear in the NV Server file system as test result files [].

    After downloading test result files to NV Test Manager, the downloaded files appear in the Completed tests list in NV Test Manager. You can analyze these results as described in Analyzing Test Results.

You can download network profiles from the NV Server. For details, see Download Network Profiles from the NV Server.

To download test files from the NV Server to NV Test Manager:

  1. In NV Test Manager, click Tests.
  2. Click Download from NV Server . The Download File dialog box opens.
  3. Locate and select the test configuration files [] or test result files [] that you want to download.
  4. Click Download.

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