Network profile overview

You can use NV Test Manager to create and maintain network profiles. A network profile is a set of parameters that define network impairments and conditions. When you create a Quick Test, you can specify a network profile that contains the parameters to impose when the test runs.

What is included in a network profile?

Each network profile contains a list of network parameters. When a test is run, the parameters in the associated network profile are imposed on the network. The parameters in a network profile are:

Latency The amount of time that it takes for an IP packet to travel across the network, from the client to the server, or from the server to a client. The actual network latency is the emulated latency plus any latency that exists in the actual network. The valid range is 0 to 8,000 msec.
Packet Loss The percentage of IP packets that are sent through the network, but do not reach their destination. The valid range is 0 to 100%.
Bandwidth in The maximum throughput through the network [in Kb per second], for data traveling from the server to the client.
Bandwidth out The maximum throughput through the network [in Kb per second], for data traveling from the client to the server.

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How do I create a network profile?

There are various methods that you can use to create a network profile, including:

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What is a predefined network profile?

NV Test Manager is installed with a number of predefined network profiles. Each predefined network profile includes parameters that define a common network testing environment. You can select any one of these predefined profiles when you create a Quick Test. For details, see Create and run Quick Tests. You can view the predefined profiles and their parameters in the Profiles page on NV Test Manager.

Note: You cannot edit, delete, or rename a predefined profile.

For details on how to create a custom profile, see Create a custom network profile.

Predefined network profiles:

Profile Name Latency [ms] Packet Loss [%] Bandwidth-in [kb/s] Bandwidth-out [kb/s]
2.5G poor 300 0.5 125 50
3G poor 105 0.1 2000 500
3G poor - intercontinental 175 0.1 2000 500
3G typical 60 0 8000 3000
3G typical - intercontinental 115 0 8000 3000
4G poor 80 0.1 3000 1000
4G poor - intercontinental 150 0.1 3000 1000
4G typical 35 0 20000 6000
4G typical - intercontinental 90 0 20000 6000
No emulation 0 0 unlimited unlimited
Network disconnection 0 100 0 0

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Can I use a network profile in an Advanced Test?

No, you can use a network profile in a Quick Test only. However, you can import a test configuration into an Advanced Test. A test configuration contains the parameters that specify the network conditions and constraints to apply when the test runs. For details, see Create and run Advanced Tests.

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