Setting client and server IP ranges

Note: This topic applies to Advanced Tests only – not to Quick Tests.

When you create an Advanced Test, you must specify the required client and server parameters of the network, as described in this topic.

For each flow, you specify the following:

Client and server IP address lists:

The flow's network impairments and constraints are applied to network traffic between the specified client and server IP addresses. Both the client IPs and the server IPs must be "included" in order for the network impairments and constraints to be applied. For example, if the client is located at and the server is located at, include in the client IP list, and in the server IP list.


  • You can include a range of IP addresses.
  • Network traffic that is not included in any flow will not be impaired, and will not be included in analysis reports.
  • If a range of IP addresses is included, you can exclude an IP address within that range.

To include and/or exclude IP addresses:

  1. In the Client or Server tab, click the "+" icon.

  2. Using From IP and To IP, specify the range of IP addresses to which to apply network impairments.

  3. Select a Protocol and Port.
  4. Click Add exclude range, use From IP and To IP, specify the range of IP addresses to which not to apply network impairments.

    Note: The IPs of the excluded ranges must be within the included range.

  5. Click OK.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for all the IP addresses to include or exclude in the flow.


    • The client IP addresses are displayed for reference, to avoid IP conflicts.
    • You can click the Sync Server IPs button to insert Include and Exclude IP addresses for the server, based on the IP addresses specified for the client.