Upload Tests to NV Server

You can upload tests from NV Test Manager to the NV Server. This makes the tests available to other NV Test Manager users who can access the NV Server. These users can download test files from the NV Server to their NV Test Manager installations. For details, see Download Tests from NV Server.

Note: The functionality in this topic is available only to Server-based installations i.e. those Network Virtualization installations that include NV Server.

Each NV test comprises:

  • Test Configuration. The parameters that specify the network conditions in the test.

    You can import a downloaded test configuration into an Advanced Test. For details, see Create and Run Advanced Tests.

  • Test Results. The results of the test run.

    After downloading test results from the NV Server to NV Test Manager, the downloaded results appear in the Completed tests list in the NV Test Manager. You can analyze these results as described in Analyzing Test Results, or copy and rerun the test as described in Copy and Re-run a Test.

When you upload a test, you specify if you want to upload the test configuration or the test results. In addition, you specify the location on the NV Server to where you want to upload the files. You can upload only one test at a time – you cannot select multiple tests, and then upload them simultaneously.

Note: Instead of uploading a test configuration to the server, you can create an .ntx file that contains the test configuration, and save the file on the NV Test Manager. For details, see Save a Test Configuration to a File.

For details on how to upload network profiles to the server, see Upload Network Profiles to the NV Server.

To upload test files to the NV Server:

  1. In NV Test Manager, click Tests.
  2. From the lists of Running tests and Completed tests, select the test that you want to upload.
  3. Click Upload to NV Server , and then select Test results or Test configuration.
  4. Specify the location on the NV Server to where you want to upload the files. For details on how to add a folder, see Managing the Folders in the Repository.
  5. Specify a name and description for the uploaded files.
  6. Click Upload.

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