Integration with NV Server

NV Test Manager can work together with NV Server, which is an optional NV product that can be installed separately. Using a server-based configuration, the associated NV Test Managers can access various files that are stored in a repository on the NV Server. In addition, a server-based configuration enables multiple users to operate each of the associated NV Test Managers. (In a standalone NV Test Manager configuration, a single user login is available for accessing NV Test Manager.)

Accessing tests on a server-based configuration

Tests are typically created by users who are assigned to the Testers user group. Each tester can see and access only those tests that he or she created.

Note: Users that are assigned to the Server Administrators or NV Test Manager Administrators user groups can access the tests of all users that are registered in NV Server.

To share a test with other users, you can:

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