NV Server

NV Server is an optional component that you can use to expand NV Test Manager capabilities. In an Network Virtualization Server-based installation, multiple NV Test Managers can be connected to a single NV Server. NV Server enables NV Test Managers to access and share various files that are stored in a repository on the NV Server. In addition, the NV Server manages the NV Server and the NV Test Manager users, and enables multiple users to operate each of the associated NV Test Managers.

You can use the NV Server to perform the following functions:

  • Manage user accounts. A user must have a user account in order to be able to access the NV Server and the NV Test Manager. Use the NV Server to create new accounts, and to modify existing accounts. For details, see Managing User Accounts.
  • Manage user groups. Each Network Virtualization user is assigned to one or more user groups. The user groups define the permissions that an associated user has within the system. For details, see Managing User Groups.
  • Maintain the folder structure of the repository on the NV Server. These folders serve as a repository for storing test results, test configurations, and network profiles. The files in the repository can be shared with NV Test Manager users. For details, see Managing the NV Server Repository.

This section includes the following topics: