Managing User Groups

Users of Network Virtualization are assigned to user groups. The user groups define the permissions that the users have within the NV Server and NV Test Manager.

  • Server Administrators. These users are permitted to perform all functionality that is available in both NV Test Manager and the NV Server.
  • Test Manager Administrators. These users have limited test management and user management permissions.
  • Testers. These users are permitted to manage and run their own tests, and to view a restricted set of server resources.

The functionality that is available to each user group is set when the NV Server is installed, and cannot be modified. You cannot add or delete user groups. For details on the permissions that are associated with each user group, in NV Server, click User Groups > Permissions.

Note: A user can be assigned to multiple user groups.

Viewing user-group permissions

Note: This procedure can be performed by users who are assigned the Server Administrators role only.

  1. In the NV Server, click the User Groups tab.
  2. Select the required user group, and then click the Permissions tab. A list of functionalities is displayed. A check mark to the left of a functionality indicates that the functionality is permitted to users in the selected user group.

    Note: You cannot modify any of the permitted functionalities.

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Moving users between user groups

You can add users to user groups, and remove users from user groups.

To move users between user groups:

  1. In the NV Server, click the User Groups tab.
  2. Select the user group to which you want to add members or from which you want to remove members.

    Note: The number of users in each user group appears to the right of the user-group name.

  3. Make sure that the Members tab is displayed.
  4. To add a member: From the Available Users list, select the user and click Add.
  5. To remove a member: From the Group Members list, select the user and click Remove.
  6. Click Save.

You can add a user to a user group or remove a user from a user group by editing the user account details. For details, see Managing User Accounts.

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