Displays the Client Network Server Breakdown of the action and various metrics.


The following protocols are included in the summary:

  • HTTP

  • SSL (secure communication)

  • HLS (HTTP Live Streaming)

  • TCP

  • UDP

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Duration Breakdown

The values for the fields shown in each pie are:

  • Client: Portion of time that the client process ran (does not include time waiting for a server response)

  • Connect: Portion of time in which the client connects to the server, such as the request in TCP or SSL handshake (the establishment of a secure channel)
  • Transmission: Portion of time data was downloaded or uploaded

  • Response wait: Portion of time spent waiting for the server’s response

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  • Total throughput: The total amount of transmitted data (KB)
  • Packet overhead: The percentage of the total bytes per protocol used by non-data elements
  • Total packets: Total number of packets associated with the protocol
  • Application turns: The number of times a communication flow change occurs from the request to the response, per protocol
  • KB per turn: The average of the throughput per application turn, per protocol

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