Network Virtualization—Standalone

This Help Center provides information on Network Virtualization in LoadRunner and Performance Center. But maybe you have different testing needs.

Are you looking for a standalone network virtualization testing tool for Windows and Linux systems that enables you to:

  • test both web and mobile applications
  • automate testing while integrating with other Micro Focus testing tools, including Mobile Center (MC), Unified Functional Testing (UFT), and Service Virtualization (SV)
  • use Network Virtualization in bridge/router mode to impair traffic between servers (virtual appliance)
  • fully integrate Network Virtualization within a CI process using the NV Jenkins plugin

Network Virtualization is a network emulation software solution that enables your organization to test application performance under a variety of current and potential network conditions. This is an ideal solution for your development, testing, and networking teams, as well as any users who need to quickly and accurately understand whether their code or application is ready for the network and remote end users.

To learn more about the Network Virtualization standalone application, or for any other Network Virtualization assistance, go to the Network Virtualization Help Center.