System requirements

This section provides the system requirements when integrating Network Virtualization with LoadRunner or Performance Center.

LoadRunner or Performance Center version 12.60 must be installed before installing Network Virtualization version 9.14.

Network Virtualization has the same system requirements as LoadRunner or Performance Center, with the following exceptions:

Software requirements Supported versions/distributions
Prerequisites for NV for Load Generator on Linux

One of the following:

  • Azul Zulu OpenJDK v8 64-bit

  • Oracle Java JRE v8 64-bit

Development tools to build kernel modules:

  • GCC

  • kernel-devel/linux-headers for the running kernel

  • ed editor

Note: In some cases, the following dependencies should be installed before installing Zulu-8 on Ubuntu: java-common, libasound2, libxi6, libxrender1, libxtst6, libfontconfig1.

See Installation instructions.

Firewall If a firewall is active, open port 8182 (or another port selected during installation) for TCP.

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