Configure NV profiles with NV Network Editor

You use NV Network Editor to create complex NV profiles. Thereafter, you import the parameters from the profile into virtual locations in LoadRunner scenarios or LoadRunner Enterprise tests using Virtual Location Editor.

Virtual Location Editor enables you to create virtual locations inside LoadRunner Professional or LoadRunner Enterprise that include only latency, packet loss, and bandwidth parameters. Alternatively, you can import network emulation parameters from the NV Global Library to create a virtual location.

If a virtual location requires additional emulation parameters, you can import these parameters from an NV profile using Virtual Location Editor. You use NV Network Editor to create these NV profiles.

This section describes how to use the Network Editor.

Note: Each NV profile file that you create with NV Network Editor can include multiple flows. A flow is a set of parameters that defines a network. When you import parameters into LoadRunner Professional or LoadRunner Enterprise, you specify from which flow to import the parameters.

The NV Network Editor is installed as part of the NV for Load Generator installation – NV Network Editor is installed automatically each time NV for Load Generator is installed. For details, see Installation Guide.

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