Create NV profiles

  1. Open NV Network Editor, and on the home page, click New.
  2. Click Add new flow.
  3. In the New Flow page, specify the required parameters as described below:

    1. Setting Client and Server IP Ranges: In order to be able to save the NV profile, it is necessary to enter at least a single client IP address range and a single server IP address range.

      Note: These IP addresses are not used by LoadRunner Professional or LoadRunner Enterprise, so it is not necessary to specify actual addresses.

    2. Configuring Gateway Parameters: For details, see Configure gateway parameters.
    3. Configuring the WAN Shape: For details, see Configure the WAN parameters.
  4. To enable packet capture, click Packet List, and select Enable packet list capture.

  5. After selecting the required parameters, click OK. The Flow Summary displays all the flows in the NV profiles. To edit a flow, click the pencil icon; to delete a flow, click the "x"; to delete all flows, click the table icon.
  6. Click Save to save the NV profile to a file named, by default, Emulation Profile.ntxx, in the browser's default download folder.

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