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What's New in version 2022 R2

Linux installations. For NV 2022 R2 and later, you must install Zulu OpenJDK 11 on your Linux machines that are running NV, and update the Java default path to Zulu 11. For details, see Install NV for Load Generator on Linux.

What's New in version 2022

Security fixes. This release includes security vulnerability fixes.

What's New in version 2020

Product name changes. From this release, LoadRunner Professional is the new product name for LoadRunner, and LoadRunner Enterprise is the new product name for Performance Center.

What's New in version 12.60 (9.14)

Note about version numbers:

12.60 refers to the LoadRunner or Performance Center version.

9.14 refers to the Network Virtualization version installed on the LoadRunner or Performance Center machine.

  • NV Insights. Added server time to the NV Insights report, which provides a time estimate for the web server to process the request and prepare the response. For details, see NV Insights Report.

  • Micro Focus AutoPass Licensing. Network Virtualization for LoadRunner and Performance Center no longer requires a license, and is provided for free as part of the LoadRunner, Performance Center, or VuGen installation. For licensing information, see the licensing section in the specific product.

  • Help Center updates.

    • The Network Virtualization for LoadRunner help has been streamlined into an enhanced Help Center catering for all versions. Although earlier versions of the Help Center are still available from the Earlier Help Center Versions page (as downloads only), we recommend you work with the latest most up-to-date online version.

    • We've updated our Help Center Home page with a new fresh look. Let us know what you think: Send Help Center Feedback.

What's New in version 12.55

Network Virtualization:

  • Support for Network Virtualization emulation on Linux load generators.
  • Includes latency compensation, enabling compensation for extraneous network latency.

For details, see Network Virtualization in the LoadRunner Professional Help Center.

NV Insights Report (previously NV Analytics Report):

  • Added support for the HTTP/2 protocol.
  • Now includes Client-side breakdown data for TruClient scripts (added to the HTTP Waterfall report), providing links between client activities and network traffic.
  • Displays TruClient steps, events, pages, and snapshots.
  • New Resource Analysis page to help identify issues related to the largest resources, and the resources with the longest download time.
  • Now includes Transaction status, and errors that occurred during the transaction run.


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What's New in version 12.53

NV Insights Report

You can now generate a single report for HTTP/HTTPS traffic via the Controller. This report covers all of the selected scenarios in a Performance Center test. You choose scenarios in the Controller by selecting the new NV Insights check box. Learn more

This comprehensive report includes:

  • Dashboard showing summary information for the test and each of its scripts. The impact of different networks on the transaction duration is clearly illustrated, as are optimization grades that include links to optimization recommendations for your applications.

  • Visual comparisons of transaction results time grouped by transaction or virtual location

  • Advanced filtering capabilities

  • Detailed results for each transaction and virtual location

  • Highlighting for resources that require optimization

  • Support for the following protocols:

    • TruClient Web

    • Web HTTP/HTML

    • Flex

    • SAP Web

    • Siebel Web protocols

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Updated VuGen Report

A separate report is available for each transaction run via VuGen. These reports include:

  • New look and feel

  • Advanced filtering capabilities

  • Highlighting for resources that require optimization

  • Optimization recommendations are now also available from HTTP Analysis page

  • Support added for the TruClient Web protocol

  • New NV-related runtime graphs

  • Virtual location details are displayed when the test finishes, including:

    • Average throughput (bytes/second) statistics

    • Transaction summary details

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AutoPass Licensing

LoadRunner and Performance Center now directly manage AutoPass licensing for Network Virtualization Vusers.

Purchased license

  • NV licenses are managed by the LoadRunner or Performance Center license utility

  • NV Insights report - full report with optimization recommendations

  • NV Analytics license for Vugen
  • NV Global Library license

Community license

  • 2 free NV Vusers

  • NV Insights report

    • First 30 days—Full report limited to 2 virtual locations

    • After 30 days—Partial report limited to 2 virtual locations

  • NV Analytics report in VuGen

    • First 30 days—Full report

    • After 30 days—Partial report

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Network Virtualization Help Center is available on the Web

Documentation is now available both online and as a downloadable .zip file from the Network Virtualization Help Center.

To download an offline copy of the Network Virtualization Help Center, click Download Help Center from the Explore footer at the bottom of the home page.

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Microsoft Windows

  • Support was added for Windows 10.

  • 64-bit support was added.

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Browser support

Support was added for Microsoft Edge.

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