Optimization recommendations

As part of the analysis process, NV provides recommendations for optimizing network traffic in your script so that your application can perform as efficiently as possible.


There are many factors beyond bandwidth and latency that affect the speed at which network requests are fulfilled. For example, two web pages that look exactly the same can load at very different speeds if one of the pages is optimized and the other is not.

To detect performance issues, each transaction is measured against accepted industry standards as well as Micro Focus's enhanced best practices.

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View optimization recommendations

The Optimization Recommendation page shows:

  • A specific category for each best-practice

  • Individual best-practice violations in each category

  • Optimization recommendations for each category

  • A grade for each category

  • A total optimization grade for the entire transaction. The higher your grade, the better your transaction is optimized.

The optimization rules differ slightly between desktop and mobile clients. In the sidebar, you can click the Desktop or Mobile toggle to switch between the clients.

Note: Not every recommendation will be suitable to your environment. The recommendations in the report are not a replacement for a full investigation of each case.

Individual numeric scores:

Prioritization emphasizes which transactions most affect the results. Each recommendation is weighted, based on the potential performance improvement to be obtained if the recommendation is performed, and is displayed in a negative numeric point value. For example, an individual score of -8 points indicates that non-compliance with the specific recommendation more significantly affects transaction response time than non-compliance with another recommendation that received a score of -2 points.

Letter grades:

In addition, a value from A - F is provided, indicating level of compliance with the best practice, with F representing the lowest level of compliance.

You can:

  • Click the optimization rule to see which resource is not compliant with the rule.

  • Click a resource to open the resource in the HTTP Waterfall.

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