NV Insights Report

NV Insights is a comprehensive network analysis report that shows you how your application performs over various types of networks (virtual locations).


Before using NV Insights, ensure the following:

  • Network Virtualization is installed on the Windows load generator machine (NV Insights is not supported on Linux load generators).

  • When adding virtual locations, Virtual Location Mode is set to Per Group.

  • Enable Packet Capture is selected under Common Settings in the Virtual Location Editor.

  • The following protocols are available: Flex, SAP Web, Siebel Web, TruClient-Web, and Web HTTP/HTML.

  • Only socket-based scripts are supported for NV Insights report.

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NV Insights report overview

By emulating the networks you specify, NV Insights lets you:

  • Compare transaction duration over several networks.
  • Identify transactions that are sensitive to slower networks.
  • Analyze the reasons for poor transaction performance.
  • Identify resources, servers, and errors that might impact your application's performance.
  • Optimize your application's performance by following the recommendations provided in the report.

You have full control over what NV analyzes. You configure the groups to include in the report by selecting the NV Insights check box in LoadRunner's Scenario Scripts pane or LoadRunner Enterprise's Groups & Workloads view > Groups area.

After running a test, you can open the report from the results. This report is suitable for various audiences and is divided into multiple sections, enabling you or others to drill down and focus on specific interests.

To open the NV Insights report:

From... Do this...
VuGen Select Results > NV Insights.
LoadRunner Enterprise Select the analyzed run in the upper table and click NV Insights.

You can also download a standalone HTML report, which is packaged in a .zip file. This makes it easy to share with others. Save the file on your local machine and extract the files to view the pages. The files must be saved locally to display correctly.

To download the NV Insights report .zip file:

From... Do this...
VuGen Copy the URL from the browser, navigate to the parent folder, and create a .zip file.
LoadRunner Enterprise Select the zipped run report in the lower table and click Download.

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What does the NV Insights report include?

The Dashboard (available for LoadRunner Enterprise and LoadRunner Professional only) provides test- and script-related summary information, such as analysis coverage, network impact statistics, optimization grade breakdowns, and transaction distribution by script. From the script list on the dashboard, you can drill down to the network analysis for specific transactions.

By drilling down, you can view and filter graphs and tables that illustrate how networks impact the transactions in your applications, including transaction duration over different virtual locations and total throughput.

The interactive sidebar highlights graph statistics, including network impact range and optimization grades indicating application efficiency and performance.

From a transaction, you can drill down even more to the resources and view analyses and optimization recommendations to improve your application's performance over slow networks.

The following sub-reports are included in all NV Insights reports.

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