Select fields (fields)

This section provides information about selecting fields to be returned by the ALM Octane REST API.


You can specify the fields to be returned from the server in the response to a GET operation on a collection.

Using the fields clause is useful when GETting certain fields that are not listed by default, often for performance reasons. Some examples of fields not returned by default are: user-defined fields, comments, attachments, runs, and run steps.

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The fields parameter

Select fields with the fields parameter. The fields parameter has the following syntax: 

fields=<field name>[[,<field name>]]

  • The field's ID and type are always returned regardless of the fields you select.

  • Field names are separated by commas: ,
  • Requesting an entity without explicitly specifying the desired field names, will return only the following fields: id, workspace_id, type, subtype, and logical_name.

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