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Resolved issues

The following issues were resolved in the current release:

Key Summary
OCTCR5A1044023 Backlog item cross-filter does not show list values from list assigned via BR Modify Lookup list.
OCTCR5A1043134 REST API change on GET list_nodes, list_root missing the 'name'.
OCTCR5A1037046 Test case author name not being pulled into the runner.
OCTCR5A1023047 Notifications on followed pipeline sent even when workspace is disabled.
OCTCR5A1020026 Attempting to create a task rule with a condition of 'Remaining Hours' > 0 does not work.
OCTCR5A1020004 Backlog Items, Grid View, not opening Tasks.
OCTCR5A1019092 Code Coverage by Package widget shows NaN.
OCTCR5A101709 Bulk ranking doesn't work.
OCTCR5A1008157 Getting 'BroadcasterListener' warning in the wrapper.log when Settings pages are accessed.
OCTCR5A1004009 Misleading information is displayed when deleting stories.
OCTCR5A995036 Group Releases causes an exception.
OCTCR5A995002 When duplicating a user story, the tasks order is not the same as the tasks order in the source.
OCTCR5A984037 Requirement Document - Phase field mandatory on add for second level.
OCTCR5A973019 wildcard (*) in filter by ID is not available and the feedback is confusing.
OCTCR5A900013 Several spaces characters in Steps are being transformed to 1 space character in the manual runner and thus the formatting is lost.
OCTCR5A681962 Dashboard Trend: Shows negative number of failed tests.