Initialize the ALM Octane server

After you have deployed ALM Octane, and configured all necessary parameters, you are ready to initialize the ALM Octane server.

  1. If connecting to a database server or an LDAP server over a secure channel (SSL/TLS), or for license sharing with ALM, configure trust. For details, see Configure trust on the ALM Octane server.

The initialization keeps track of the last successful step that it performed; If for some reason you have to reinitialize, it only starts at the relevant point.

The ALM Octane server is now running. You are now ready to:

  • Single-node configuration: Log in and create additional users. For details, see Log in to ALM Octane.

    Check connectivity by logging in, after initializing the first node and before installing the remaining cluster nodes.

  • Cluster configuration: Optional.

    For details on installing on a cluster, see Cluster installation flow.

Next steps: