Licensing flow

This topic provides a high-level flow for setting up your trial license.


To get started with ALM Octane, you begin with a 90-day on-premises free trial for 100 users. You can then install an ALM Octane license file, or allocate licenses from ALM or Quality Center.

Before you begin a trial, you should be familiar with the different editions of ALM Octane. ALM Octane is available in Enterprise, Pro, and Team Editions. For details, see ALM Octane editions.

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Request a trial

Submit a request for a free trial here:

When you install ALM Octane, you can choose between an Enterprise Edition or Team Edition trial. For details on selecting your trial, see License settings.

Caution: If you are planning to use Pro Edition, you need to choose Enterprise Edition for your trial. Make sure to follow the instructions under Using Pro Edition.

You cannot switch between editions once configuration is done, so choose your trial and editions carefully. If you chose the wrong edition, re-install ALM Octane.

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Using Pro Edition

There is no Pro Edition trial.

To work with Pro Edition:

  1. Install ALM Octane and select Enterprise Edition as your trial type, but do not create shared spaces. If you create a shared space during an Enterprise Edition trial and then install a Pro Edition license, the shared space is deactivated.

  2. Get an evaluation Pro Edition license from your Sales account manager, or create a support ticket for a one-time evaluation license.

  3. In the ALM Octane Settings area, apply your Pro Edition license. For details about applying licenses, see Install a license.

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Install a license

After you install and configure your trial instance of ALM Octane, you can purchase licenses for Enterprise, Pro, or Team Edition. You then install your license key (.dat file) in ALM Octane.

Alternatively, you can allocate your current licenses from ALM or Quality Center and share them with ALM Octane. Licenses can be allocated from ALM (ALM.Net) Edition to ALM Octane Enterprise Edition, or from Quality Center (QC) Enterprise Edition to ALM Octane Pro Edition.

Note: You can share up to 15% of your licenses from ALM or Quality Center, or up to 150 licenses, the lower of the two.

To learn more, see Manage licenses (on-premises).

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