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Resolved issues

The following issues were resolved in the current release:

Key Summary
OCTCR5A1102513 Missing link to open Synchronizer
OCTCR5A1091743 Synchronizer: Add "bulk.load" as a configurable Jira adapter parameter
OCTCR5A1090515 Filtering components in a test suite does not give proper results
OCTCR5A1084633 Error occurs after updating a defect if the send mail rule is invalid
OCTCR5A1068528 Unable to save manual test when using the next arrow to navigate to next test
OCTCR5A1067502 Cache gets partially evicted
OCTCR5A1068449 ALM Octane allows addition of list values beyond the set limit
OCTCR5A1064428 List item appears as MISSING_LABEL
OCTCR5A1063390 Time not populated for ''Closed on" field in defect module
OCTCR5A1063369 Limitation when defining multiple values in string fields
OCTCR5A1059173 Problem uploading bulk tests
OCTCR5A1057212 Allow to create AutoGenerated job in jenkins with SSH
OCTCR5A1049035 Be able to configure read-only and required business rules, both at shared space and workspace levels
OCTCR5A1044030 Encrypt LDAP password
OCTCR5A1042090 SCM user name's convention should be the same for both Commits and Pull requests
OCTCR5A1038140 Contrast Mode - cannot see any buttons in the Dashboard when configuring
OCTCR5A1038024 Test script omits special characters when transforming from markdown to html even when it's unwanted
OCTCR5A1006103 Deleted phases are still displayed in widget configuration dropdowns
OCTCR5A961032 Context search above defect grid always times out in workspace with large number of defects