DELETE: Delete users (on-premises) 

This topic describes how to use the DELETE operation to delete users from ALM Octane, including users at GDPR-compliant sites.

The DELETE operation is performed in the site context.

Deleting users

This section provides instructions for deleting users. Bulk DELETEs are supported.

After deleting a user, you cannot assign the user when working with entities or select the user from any lists, such as when filtering. However user information still exists on the ALM Octane server.

Delete a single user

DELETE http[s]://<server>:<port>/admin/users/<id>

Delete multiple users

DELETE http[s]://<server>:<port>/admin/users?<query-clause>


The following example deletes users with the following IDs: 2013, 2015, and 20213.

DELETE http[s]://<server>:<port>/admin/users?query="(id IN '2013','2015','20213')"

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Deleting a user at a GDPR-compliant site

This section provides instructions for deleting a user at GDPR-compliant site. Bulk DELETEs are not supported.

When deleting a user at a GDPR-compliant site, the user's information (name, email, first name, last name, and so on) is erased, and is replaced with the reference code you provide everywhere in ALM Octane. We recommend that you manage an external file that maps deleted ALM Octane users to reference codes.

DELETE http[s]://<server>:<port>/admin/users/<id>?user_delete_reference_code=<gdpr-reference-code>

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