Functionality supported by CI integrations

Integrating ALM Octane with a CI server enables varied functionality.

The table below specifies the functionality provided by each CI server integration, when using the latest version of the plugin.

Functionality Jenkins Bamboo TeamCity GoCD GitLab Azure DevOps (app service)* Azure DevOps (extension integration)*

Collect pipeline step results

Collect test run results
Collect SCM commit messages
List the files in a commit
Understand the type of file change in a commit (add/edit/delete)
Run pipeline from ALM Octane
Run pipeline with parameters
Hierarchy in Topology
Ignore test run results for specific pipeline steps
Multi-branch pipeline

Automatically set a test run's testing tool / test type

Configure instance ID in CI plugin
Collect code coverage reports
Track security vulnerabilities
Collect failed build logs, configure automatic build failure classification
Multiple spaces
Run automated tests from ALM Octane (testing framework)
Automated Gherkin Cucumber test injection
Automated Gherkin JBehave test injection

* The app service supports Azure DevOps Server (previously TFS). The extension integration (technical preview) supports Azure DevOps Server 2019 and later, and Azure DevOps Services.

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