SaaS updates

This topic includes descriptions of new features now available to SaaS customers.

Build 15.1.74

  • Quality Risk Analysis. (tech preview) ALM Octane now includes quality risk insights that indicate which areas in your product are at high risk and may require further attention. Application modules are assigned quality risk scores that allow you to identify problematic areas.
  • Test suite history. The History tab for test suites now reports on reordering tests in the test suite.
  • Test injection status. With a new field in the Build entity, you can now tell the status of test injection: whether tests were already injected, not yet injected, or if there was an error in processing the injection.

  • ALM Octane-Jira Synchronization Enhancement. A new shared space parameter ONLY_SHOW_ACTIVE_RELEASES allows you to hide deactivated releases (in ALM Octane) and archived versions (in Jira) from value mapping. If set to true, these releases and versions will be hidden and you will not need to map them to pass the integrity check.

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Build 15.1.66

  • Import tags. You now can import items from Excel that contain new tags. The new tags are added to the list of available tags in ALM Octane.

  • Link to custom test run reports. If you use custom test run reports, you can now define a URL pattern in your job configuration pointing to the report location. Automated test run results in ALM Octane will include a link to the custom report as defined by the URL pattern.

  • New rich-text editor. A new rich-text editor is now used in memo fields and comments. The editor has an improved user interface and several additional capabilities.

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