Execute release actions and quality gates

This topic describes how to perform release actions and evaluate quality gates.


A release process contains actions and quality gates that are assigned to users.

The actions and quality gates assigned to you are added to the My Work area.

Note: The business rules that control which items are added to the My Work area can be customized.

The items are ready to work on when they are in "Pending" phase. Items automatically move to pending when their start time arrives, provided that the preceding items are completed.

If an action or quality gate has not started 24 hours after its start time, the item is flagged "Overdue".

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Execute actions and quality gates

In the My Work area, mark the outcome of your actions and quality gates.


  • For clarity, the following steps refer to "actions". The same guidelines apply to quality gates too.
  • You can also use the Release Management module to access and fulfill your actions and quality gates.

To execute an action or quality gate:

  1. Open the My Work area. For details, see My Work area.
  2. To start a pending action or quality gate, click Start. The item moves to "In Progress".
  3. Quality gate: Go through each of the criteria, and mark them as Passed or Failed.
  4. After handling the action, mark how the action concluded, using one of the following buttons: Complete, Fail, Skip

    Conclusion Details

    Indicates that the action completed successfully. The action is marked "Completed", and the next action moves to "Pending".

    If you mark a quality gate complete, although not all its criteria passed, you are prompted to provide a reason for completing the gate. Your input is added to the Transition note field. The quality gate's phase is set to "Completed", its success flag is set to "Failed but overriden".


    Indicates that the action failed. The action itself, its parent groups and stage, and the overall process are marked "Failed". The process stops, and the subsequent actions and stages are suspended.

    You can retry a failed action. In the Release Management module, select the action, and click Retry. The action returns to "Pending". The parent groups, stage and process return to "In Progress".

    Skip Indicates that the action was skipped. The action is marked "Skipped". The next action moves to "Pending".
  5. Add a comment regarding the conclusion.

When all actions and quality gates in a stage are completed or skipped, the stage itself is marked "Completed".

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