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Resolved issues

The following issues were resolved in the this release:

Key Summary
OCTCR5A1132465 An error occurred when trying to export an activity log containing an entry for a deleted field.
OCTCR5A1133038 In the manual runner, the step status sometimes moved itself to Skipped.
OCTCR5A1129050 In some cases, OData requests consumed too much memory.
OCTCR5A1116314 The duration of a manual run in the detailed view was not displayed correctly.
OCTCR5A1108175 Splitting a user story didn't copy the Priority field.
OCTCR5A1108091 Interactive authentication failed for user names that start with an uppercase letter.
OCTCR5A1101105 Changes to the Access granted field were not recorded in the History tab.

Disabled the Alt-number shortcut for Firefox on Linux.

OCTCR5A1099180 The drill down for pie charts of summary test widgets did not function properly.
OCTCR5A1093455 In some cases, it was not possible to open the defect from the Linked Defect field of suite and manual runs.
OCTCR5A1093450 When attaching an image with an apostrophe ' in the file name, an error occurred.
OCTCR5A1080197 In some situations, BDD Specification Results were not displaying in ALM Octane.