Analysis and reporting tools

ALM Octane provides various analysis and reporting tools.

Create dashboard views

In the ALM Octane dashboard you add widgets to perform release and product analysis. Configure the necessary graphs and layout. You can then save the configuration as a private or public favorite.

For details on using the Dashboard, see ALM Octane dashboard. For details on using favorites, see Favorites.

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Document reports

With ALM Octane, you can generate document reports for multiple entities. You can customize the details shown in the reports and save them in Word and PDF formats. For details, see Document reports.

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Export information

You can export grid data to Excel. For details, see Export to file.

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With OData support, you can generate sophisticated reports that directly access ALM Octane entities to help with your analysis. For details, see OData support for extended reporting.

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Get items using the REST API

Use the ALM Octane REST API to retrieve information about ALM Octane entities, such as backlog items, tests, test suites, and so on.

For details, see Overview for developers.

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