Search for information

Use a global search box to find any item in your workspace across all modules, or search in the context of a grid or a tree.

Perform a global search

Use the global search to find an item in any area of your current ALM Octane workspace.

The following fields are indexed: ID, Name, Description

To perform a global search:

  1. Click the search button in the ALM Octane top banner.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Enter a search string. You can click the menu button to limit your search to a single item or multiple items.
    • Paste a link to an item that you received by email. The item will open immediately. Use this method to avoid opening parallel instances of ALM Octane in multiple tabs.

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Search in context of a grid or tree

You can find an item in the context of a grid or a tree.

Enter a string in the search box located directly above the grid or tree.

Tree search: ALM Octane suggests matching items from the tree. Click a result to highlight it in the tree and open its details.

Grid search: ALM Octane lists matching items in the grid. The results are based on the filter applied to the grid.

Grid search is not available when the grid is grouped.

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