Usability enhancements

In this release, we introduced many usability enhancements. Here are some of the highlights.


Area Enhancement

We have added persistency to the Admin area:

  • After you log out of ALM Octane from the Administration area, when you next log in, you will now return to the Administration area.
  • When you return to the Administration area, you will be returned to the same workspace that you had selected in your previous visit.
Search enhancements

The following search improvements are now available:

  • In the User grid, you can now search for users by their ID, login name, full name, first name, last name, or email.
  • When searching in the Environment List dialog box, you can now filter the results by selecting multiple categories.

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Area Enhancement
Bulk update

You can access the Bulk Update action directly from column headers. The selected column will automatically be listed in the Bulk Update dialog box.

In addition, we have redesigned the Bulk Update dialog box making it easier and more intuitive to use.

Hyperlinks in memo fields

You can now click a hyperlink in a memo field to open the link. Previously, you needed to ctrl+click.

View selector

The side-by-side view buttons have been replaced by a dropdown menu:

Search enhancements

Search is now easier to use:

  • In the global search box, you can now filter the results by selecting multiple item types. Previously, you could filter by a single item type.

    US 929117 - ZH

  • We have improved the search in user fields and other drop down fields (such as application modules). You can enter strings that match parts of words that make up the requested value:

  • You can now search for pipeline test by its full name or part of the name. For example, when you search for "container" it will find "TestContainerGridButton".

Improved load time

We have reduced the loading time of the Backlog module.

Easily identify selected items

After making your selection in multi-select fields, the selected values are grouped together at the top the next time you expand the list.

Simplified right-click menu

The right-click menu for items in Grid and Smart views was simplified, with icons for common tasks.


When filtering on a date field, you can now select 'Today' as a filter value.

My Work We have added a Dismiss All button in My Work to remove all the items currently in your My Work area.

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Area Enhancement
Defect field population When you create a defect from an automated run, ALM Octane now enables you to click a button to populate fields from the run and test, similar to when you create a defect from the manual runner.
Screenshot navigation When looking at test run attachments, you can now click through screenshots in the run report using the standard attachments UI.

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We have added a Hide Pipeline action to easily remove a pipeline from the top bar of the Pipeline's module.

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Area Enhancement
Remove link You can now right-click a link in Synchronizer, and select Remove to delete the link.
Access Credentials Manager from Endpoint Manager The Endpoint Manager window now contains a button to open the Credentials Manager. This makes it easier for you to configure and endpoint and define its credentials in one smooth flow.

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