ALM Octane is an entity-relationship application. Using the ALM Octane REST API, developers can retrieve and perform CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations on the entities that are available in the ALM Octane graphical user interface.

The REST API is constantly being developed to provide more exposure to ALM Octane entities.

Public APIs Technical Preview APIs

To access public resources, you do not need to send any additional headers; only the content-type header is necessary.

For a list, see Supported, public resources.

Technical preview resources are available for use. Users should be aware that they are subject to change until declared public.

To access these resources, send requests with a header:


  • Value: true

Note: Until version 15.0.40, the header key was ALM_OCTANE_TECH_PREVIEW

Tip: You can use the ALM Octane Developer Tools to analyze the ALM Octane entities and fields available in the REST API.

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