ALM Octane editions

Your ALM Octane edition defines which activities you can perform in ALM Octane.

Editions overview

ALM Octane editions provide you with the following capabilities:

Edition Description

Enterprise edition

Allows you to scale ALM Octane to large groups with the benefits of cross-workspace and cross-program capabilities. These include:

  • Shared customization (such as rules, user-defined fields, workflow, forms, and lists)

  • Shared entities (such as users, releases)

  • Cross-workspace reporting on data from multiple workspaces using the same widget

  • Cross-program functionality for the backlog module

  • Data access control

For an overview of workspaces and their programs, isolated spaces, and shared spaces, see Manage spaces (for space admins).

Pro edition

Provides you the same set of features as Enterprise Edition within isolated workspaces.

Shared space and program capabilities are not provided.

The following table describes the different editions in detail:

Module/Functionality Pro Enterprise
My Work
Team Backlog
Pipelines with build analytics
Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics
IDE plugins
Security integration - Fortify Suite
Manual tests
Gherkin tests
Team collaboration
Backlog (epics and backlog management, cross-release planning)
Automated test execution (with UFT One integration) and test suites
Quality module and Defects module
Synchronization using Micro Focus Connect
Shared workspaces customization  
Cross-workspace reporting  
Shared application modules  
Shared releases and calendars  
Entity migration between workspaces  
Data access control  
Workspace SAFe program  
Entity label customization  
Flag rules  
Release processes  
Public dashboard sharing  

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Developer license

Developer license is a named license that is added on top of a core Pro or Enterprise license.

You can install or subscribe to ALM Octane Developer for your developer team members. Developer users have access to the particular areas of ALM Octane that are relevant to developers, but not to the full set of ALM Octane functionality. Developer license capabilities depend on your core license edition.

For more information, see Developer license (add-on).

Note: The Developer add-on replaces the previously available Team edition.

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Trial license

When you first start using ALM Octane, you automatically receive a Trial license which gives you a 90-day trial for 100 users. 

By default, your trial is Enterprise Edition, which allows one shared space. If you create a shared space in an Enterprise Edition trial and then install a license for Pro Edition, the sharing capabilities are no longer supported.

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License management

SaaS: You can view license usage details in MyAccount.

For details on how to manage on-premises licenses and how to allocate licenses from ALM and Quality Center to ALM Octane, see Manage licenses.

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