As you develop your application, testing is a critical part of the process. Testing ensures that the product meets your organization's quality standards. To assist, ALM Octane helps you with many types of testing frameworks and test types.

ALM Octane supports manual, Gherkin, and automated tests.

Manual tests and Gherkin test

Use Manual tests and Gherkin tests for acceptance testing, unit testing, or integration testing. In these tests, the tester uses the application to make everything works as expected.

Manual tests list each step and you perform the test, step by step. Gherkin tests contain scenarios that describe what to test but give the freedom how to test.

Automated tests

Automated tests are helpful for repetitive tasks and performing difficult tasks. Use automated tests for unit testing, regression testing, and continuous integration.

You maintain automated tests in external testing tools.

ALM Octane incorporates test run results in dashboard and quality analysis.

There are different test entity types to use to organize testing. For details, see the section on Testing entities in the Glossary of ALM Octane items.

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