Known issues

This section contains known issues, limitations, and troubleshooting suggestions for issues relating to ALM Octane.


Errors display and ALM Octane freezes

This can happen if a user's logon name, which is usually the user's email address, changes while the user is currently working in ALM Octane. For example, the logon name might be changed by an ALM Octane admin, or by an LDAP admin using the LDAP configuration tool, while the user is using ALM Octane.

Workaround: Do one of the following: 

  • Clear the cache in the current browser and restart ALM Octane. Log in with the new username.

  • Open ALM Octane in a different browser. Log in with the new user name.

  • Open ALM Octane in incognito mode (Chrome), private mode (Firefox), or inPrivate mode (Internet Explorer). Log in with the new user name.

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Non-English Languages

When working on a Mac machine with a Spanish keyboard, the pipe character (|) and its shortcut (Alt + 1) are not supported.


Author not set when using the Interactive API Client

When using the Interactive API Client to create work items (defects, user stories, and so on), the author is not set.

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