Modify site settings

When you install ALM Octane, you define mandatory site settings in the octane.conf file. Depending on your environment, you can use additional configuration files to define settings for secure Elasticsearch, proxy server, and LDAP or SSO authentication.

These settings are configured during installation, and can also be changed any time, as necessary.

  1. Edit the configuration files according to your site needs. For details on the settings, see "Configure initial site settings" in the ALM Octane Installation Guide.

  2. When you are done, restart the ALM Octane server as described below.

Note: The wrapper.conf file is internal and should not be modified. The wrapper-parameters-for-customer-site.conf file is for custom attributes, and is not modified during upgrade.

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Restart the server

After editing ALM Octane configuration files, you must restart the ALM Octane server to apply the changes.


Select Start > ALM Octane > Restart ALM Octane.


  1. Log in as either the root or sudo user.

  2. Run the octane service to start the ALM Octane server. Run:

    service octane start

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