Resolved issues

The following issues were resolved in the 16.0.100 release:

Key Summary
OCTCR5A1318081 When planning a test run, it was possible to reference the test steps of a different test.
OCTCR5A1291103 When uploading backlog items from an Excel file, an error occurred.
OCTCR5A1265212 When creating a branch and running a build in ALM Octane, a duplicate pipeline from Bamboo CI was created.
OCTCR5A1252149 When a user with a role with data access enabled searched items by IDs, the search did not provide any results.
OCTCR5A1242202 In some cases, the "More Text" sub-toolbar hid the main toolbar.
OCTCR5A1242017 When grouping defects by phase, the recycled defects were listed under the "No Phase" group.
OCTCR5A1240188 ALM Synchronizer was not syncing all the releases and cycles from ALM/QC.
OCTCR5A1239222 When setting the filter values in ALM Octane Custom report (Control Chart), the selected values were not saved.
OCTCR5A1235070 Refreshing the OData reports took a long time.
OCTCR5A1219064 When running a test suite that contained tests assigned to other users, a black screen displayed.
OCTCR5A1210173 The Help > Marketplace link was broken.
OCTCR5A1206054 When creating a custom graph and selecting multiple workspaces, the Release field drop down was not displaying any options.
OCTCR5A1196080 Assign to Application Module option was not available for users with the Tester role.
OCTCR5A1186366 When importing a space with a user that had an email with a different domain, the import failed.
OCTCR5A1174077 When runs were grouped by Environment, they could not be ungrouped unless when grouped by other fields.
OCTCR5A1138096 Links to shared folders did not work.
OCTCR5A1104080 When setting up the ALM Octane and Eclipse integration, a 401 Unauthorized error occurred.
OCTCR5A1095007 Text Injection/Content Spoofing issue occurred in ALM Octane when displaying a 404 error by Jetty.