Introducing ALM Octane

ALM Octane is a web-based application lifecycle management platform that enables teams to collaborate easily, manage the product delivery pipeline, and visualize the impact of changes.

For an introduction to ValueEdge, see the ValueEdge Help Center.

Get started

Before you begin

To get started, we recommend that you learn about the ALM Octane lifecycle to gain a high-level picture of what you can do in ALM Octane.

For details, see ALM Octane lifecycle.

How do I use ALM Octane?

To understand how to use ALM Octane, read about the common workflows. These describe how to use ALM Octane in your day-to-day work.

For details, see Common flows.

Let's go!

When you're ready to begin, log in to ALM Octane and start working in the modules that are relevant for your needs.

For details, see ALM Octane modules.

Video tutorials

Familiarize yourself with key areas of ALM Octane with our library of video tutorials: ALM Octane video gallery

Tips & tricks

View this Community post for a list of useful tips and tricks.

Learn more

For more insights on working with ALM Octane, resources, and case studies, see ALM Octane at

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Set up the environment

Initial setup

Before users can work with ALM Octane, the admin needs to perform initial setup tasks.

For details, see Initial setup.

Create a workspace

Admins should have a basic understanding of spaces and workspaces.

For details, see Initial setup and Manage spaces (for space admins).

Generate demo data

To enable users to get familiar with ALM Octane, you can automatically generate demo data to use for experimentation.

For details, see Populate your system with demo data.

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