Memo fields

Memo fields provide you with a full set of editing options.


Each item has a memo field, typically named Description. Admins can add other custom memo fields to items.

You can format text in memo fields and in comments using a rich set of editing tools. You can also insert links and mention other users.

For details about comments, see Collaborate.

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You can insert links to other items and to external pages:

  • To add a link to an existing item, click and choose #. Add prefix "w" for work item, "s" for user story, "e" for epic, "f" for feature, "d" for defect, "t" for task, and "r" for requirement. For example, #dtest searches for the string "test" in the existing defects.
  • To add a hyperlink to this area, click the Link button (you may need to expand a group). The default supported protocols for links are http;https;td;testdirector;mailto. To allow other protocols, admins must add them to the HREF_PROTOCOLS_WHITE_LIST parameter.

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Mention users

To mention a user, type "@". Start typing a user's name, or select the user from the list. Your stakeholders and recently-mentioned people are listed highest in the list.

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