Site configuration (on-premises)

This section provides instructions that site admins can use to configure the site. The section is relevant for on-premises deployments of ALM Octane.

To access: Settings > Site

The Site settings area is divided into areas. The following management tasks can be carried out at the site level:

Tab: Tasks See topic
Spaces: Create, upgrade, convert, and delete spaces.

Manage spaces (for site admins)

Users: Manage site users. Manage site users
Servers: Manage application, database, and mail servers.

Manage the site

Set up LDAP

Sessions: Monitor user sessions. Manage the site
Licenses: Install licenses and monitor license usage. Manage licenses
Post Upgrade Jobs: Monitor the upgrade status of spaces after upgrading the site to a new version of ALM Octane.  
Parameters: Configure parameters that effect the behavior of the entire site. Configuration parameters