Resolved issues

This page lists issues that were resolved in the ALM Octane 16.1.100-16.0.100 releases.

Release 16.1.100

The following issues were resolved in the 16.1.100 release:

Key Summary
OCTCR5A1804079 A performance issue occurred when filtering tests by the Backlog Coverage field.
OCTCR5A1862075 In the ALM Octane Pro version, a manual test's Test name (initial) field value was not automatically copied to a test run.
OCTCR5A1880033 The websocket was receiving webhooks of system events from the disabled workspaces.
OCTCR5A1895209 User accounts were imported via REST API with email addresses of the <> domain.
OCTCR5A1943108 The database was overloaded with multiple REST API calls related to summary graphs.
OCTCR5A1727018 Users could not access defects from the ALM Octane global menu > Quality Management module.
OCTCR5A1783048 Defects created using the API keys were associated with email addresses of the <> domain.
OCTCR5A1813023 When refreshing reports using PowerBI and Odata, the Task hours data did not synchronize properly.
OCTCR5A1829095 When running queries, the MAX_TOTAL_COUNT parameter for test runs impacted the performance.
OCTCR5A1829259 When running multiple tests in a single run operation, an issue occurred.
OCTCR5A1830127 Users did not receive notifications when the items they followed were modified.
OCTCR5A1833004 When setting a time range for a release, an issue occurred.
OCTCR5A1847122 When grouping defects and then quickly applying a filter, the grouping failed.
OCTCR5A1852002 Date format did not adjust based on the language or location.
OCTCR5A1855132 In summary widgets on test suite runs, a performance issue occurred when the widget was set to display All runs until now.
OCTCR5A1856258 The Name and Suite name field values were not automatically populated into the Plan Suite Run dialog box.
OCTCR5A1864104 In BDD scripts, the auto-complete function was automatically changing the upper-case text to lower case.
OCTCR5A1868035 In the defects' grid, users could not select multiple items.
OCTCR5A1871056 In the Settings area, the Customize fields button was missing.
OCTCR5A1887118 When importing tests, the required Test type field was not mandatory.

When sorting the test suite runs by the Order column, the column displayed the runs' ascending order, while the run items were sorted in the descending order.

When sorting the items by any other column, the Order column was reset.

OCTCR5A1921032 When the maximum allowed number of runs was exceeded, the Relations tab displayed an error.
OCTCR5A1933050 When uploading an attachment whose size exceeded the maximum allowed size, a wrong error message was displayed.
OCTCR5A1934036 When clicking the Reduce risk button in the quality risk analytics area, an error occurred.
OCTCR5A1947079 In the Average flow time widget, the average was displayed in seconds when setting defects, user, or quality stories as work items.
OCTCR5A1601005 The item history did not display all the records if the number of records exceeded 1000.
OCTCR5A1772037 The default values of user-defined fields were not imported to ALM Octane from QoT.
OCTCR5A1776025 Retrieving data for features via the REST API took more time than expected.
OCTCR5A1784045 Business rules with conditions that contained the >= operator were triggered even if the conditions were not met.
OCTCR5A1798007 In the Manual Runner, deleting all attachments to a single step also deleted attachments to other steps.
OCTCR5A1800007 The webhook update request returned only the new value of a field, and did not return the original field value.

In a suite run, the number of test runs was not updated after the runs were added, duplicated, or deleted.


The names of attachments emailed from ALM Octane were corrupted if the names included French accents. As a result, the attachments could not be opened.

OCTCR5A1844120 When filtering features by the ID field, users could select an unlimited number of item IDs. This caused the ID value search failure.
OCTCR5A1850001 When closing a defect, the Closed on field was not automatically populated.

When clicking the Discuss on Teams button, and attempting to log in to Teams, the log in process froze.

OCTCR5A1862032 The renamed system fields were displayed in cross-filters with their original names.
OCTCR5A1867032 Users could not be tagged (@mentioned) in the Error description field.
OCTCR5A1874096 When integrating with UFT One, the pipeline execution failed if NodeJS was not installed on the Azure DevOps agent executing the pipeline.
OCTCR5A1877094 Users whose role was other than admin could not run manual tests using Sprinter.

When clicking an item link in the exported Excel file, and signing in to ALM Octane, the link did not open the item document view, but displayed the last visited page instead.

OCTCR5A1915016 Data tables were not displayed in test cases.
OCTCR5A1916212 When filtering and then grouping defects, the status bar did not notify how many items were displayed, if the list of groups was too long.
OCTCR5A1829156 When connecting from QoT to ALM Octane using SSO, an error occurred.
OCTCR5A1849288 For block transition rules defined on the shared space level, the From phase parameter value was missing if the rules were viewed on the workspace level.

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Release 16.0.400

The following issues were resolved in the 16.0.400 release:

Key Summary
OCTCR5A1482079 Downstream dependency was not available for quality stories.
OCTCR5A1492030 When run for the first time, the Azure DevOps pipeline sent 50 last commits. The further pipeline runs sent up to 50 commits between builds.

With Azure DevOps pipelines, ALM Octane could not detect commits with more than one type of change.

OCTCR5A1515261 ALM Octane ignored GitLab pipelines triggered on branches whose names included a slash.

When creating a new defect, the Linked Runs (to Defect) field did not work due to an issue with runs limit.


When bulk updating application modules of different levels, the modules' paths were corrupted.


Defects could not be updated after creating a business rule with the Linked Runs field.

OCTCR5A1569009 OData report issue occurred after ALM Octane was upgraded to version 15.1.90.
OCTCR5A1574001 When validating the configuration of LDAP servers, an error occurred.
OCTCR5A1617095 Pull request status was not updated on the Relations tab.

When modifying the invested hours and then moving tasks to Done, the remaining hours were set to zero.

OCTCR5A1630023 In the Quality module, defects could not be filtered by release after the shared space was upgraded.

The REST API call with the POST method for comments failed when an inactive user was in the list of followers.

OCTCR5A1727010 The dashboard traceability widget displayed no data if the scope Primary field was set to Epics, and the Secondary field was set to Features.
OCTCR5A1414021 When deleting a relation between a parent and a child, the child was not removed due to a webhook issue.

In the item history, incorrect Norwegian characters were displayed, while the text in comments was accurate.


With the number of child requirements for a parent exceeding 500, the search did not work due to an item per parent limit set to 500.

OCTCR5A1578010 OData report issue occurred when at least one user-defined field was populated.

When creating a new value in a list, an error occurred.


When clicking in the empty area of the story board, an error occurred.

OCTCR5A1644139 When creating a business rule condition, the AND and OR fields were not displayed.

When extending the release end date with additional sprints, the new sprints were not displayed in Release > Team > Velocity.


With invalid business rules, an error occurred when clicking the Rules tab. Invalid business rules were not listed.


The date of item attachments reflected the date of the item's most recent update.


When using the mention functionality in comments, the user emails were not displayed if the names were entered.

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Release 16.0.300

The following issues were resolved in the 16.0.300 release:

Key Summary
OCTCR5A1414028 When sending an empty value for a multi-value field, the ALM Octane webhook issue occurred.
OCTCR5A1447042 The "TypeError: Cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of undefined" occurred when an ALM Octane pipeline was run from Azure DevOps.
OCTCR5A919964 When planning multiple tests, the Plan run dialog box did not reflect the form designed in the settings.

In business rule actions, user IDs were displayed instead of user names.

OCTCR5A1405026 The "phase_age" field did not contain values in history logs.
OCTCR5A1443120 Automated run name was not properly displayed in ALM Octane.
OCTCR5A1456089 Micro Focus Application Automation Tools plugin, version 7.1, caused an issue with automated tests sync to ALM Octane.
OCTCR5A1463014 Users could not import backlog items to ALM Octane if the users did not have permissions to create at least one item type.
OCTCR5A1152034, OCTCR5A1212036 In Mozilla Firefox, ALM Octane did not preserve indentation when pasting text into a memo field.
OCTCR5A1307021 Numbered list items did not align properly in memo fields.
OCTCR5A1360528 In the description area, long text was introduced with breaks. This made an impression that the description ended with the text visible above the breaks.
OCTCR5A1378229 Images added to comments could not be previewed in their full size.
OCTCR5A1396336 Total capacity for a new team member was zero instead of the default value.
OCTCR5A1411026 When activating a flow that involved running steps, a NullPointerException occurred in logs.
OCTCR5A1413011 The data exported from a dashboard widget was not complete in an Excel file.
OCTCR5A1414025 The "name" field returned by the REST API call for workspace users did not contain the correct user name.
OCTCR5A1416005 ALM Octane widgets for automated runs displayed the "Environment" field value as "Unknown".
OCTCR5A1416030 The business rule condition with the phase operator set to "Original" was not properly triggered.
OCTCR5A1468180 When ALM Octane language was set to Spanish, the test run title was not displayed properly.

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Release 16.0.200

The following issues were resolved in the 16.0.200 release:

Key Summary
OCTIM5A1408191 The list item labels were missing in the Lists grid.
OCTCR5A1296092 ALM Octane pointed to obsolete UFT One test run results.
OCTCR5A1348017 Linux: When running a manual test with the first validation step, the step was skipped.
OCTCR5A1360005 When selecting a pipeline in ALM Octane, an error message displayed. It prevented a user from viewing the pipeline details.
OCTCR5A1381035 When searching for cross fields in the grid view, the Cross Field icon was only displayed when hovering over the supported fields.
OCTCR5A1385099 SyncX: After removing backlog items from ALM Octane and then synchronizing the backlog, the deleted items were recreated without attachments, and the following synchronization failed.
OCTCR5A1407046 When running Gherkin Tests using Cucumber, an error occurred if the test syntax included an asterisk for the Given, When, or Then steps.
OCTCR5A1246018 When ALM Octane language was set to German, attachment details, such as Size, Uploaded by, and Modified, were not displayed.
OCTCR5A1249077 When updating manual and automated tests using the Bulk Update option, an error occurred.
OCTCR5A1299105 When running tests, a user was not able to rename the test step attachments.
OCTCR5A1314032 When importing defects from an Excel file, an error occurred if any of the list values was deprecated.
OCTCR5A1322022 In the Document Report of a manual test, the Covered requirement field did not include the requirement description.

When attempting to run a pipeline for Bamboo when there were no permissions for run parameters, an error occurred.

OCTCR5A1343099 In the OData report, when expanding a UDF of a team or release type, an error occurred.
OCTCR5A1374040 When creating the integration with GitLab, a user could not disable the GitLab pipeline run.
OCTCR5A1378219 You can now update up to 10 fields in a bulk update.
OCTCR5A1302100 When exporting items to an Excel file, the item IDs were not displayed as hyperlinks.

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Release 16.0.100

The following issues were resolved in the 16.0.100 release:

Key Summary
OCTCR5A1318081 When planning a test run, it was possible to reference the test steps of a different test.
OCTCR5A1291103 When uploading backlog items from an Excel file, an error occurred.
OCTCR5A1265212 When creating a branch and running a build in ALM Octane, a duplicate pipeline from Bamboo CI was created.
OCTCR5A1252149 When a user with a role with data access enabled searched items by IDs, the search did not provide any results.
OCTCR5A1242202 In some cases, the "More Text" sub-toolbar hid the main toolbar.
OCTCR5A1242017 When grouping defects by phase, the recycled defects were listed under the "No Phase" group.
OCTCR5A1240188 ALM Synchronizer was not syncing all the releases and cycles from ALM/QC.
OCTCR5A1239222 When setting the filter values in ALM Octane Custom report (Control Chart), the selected values were not saved.
OCTCR5A1235070 Refreshing the OData reports took a long time.
OCTCR5A1219064 When running a test suite that contained tests assigned to other users, a black screen displayed.
OCTCR5A1210173 The Help > Marketplace link was broken.
OCTCR5A1206054 When creating a custom graph and selecting multiple workspaces, the Release field drop down was not displaying any options.
OCTCR5A1196080 Assign to Application Module option was not available for users with the Tester role.
OCTCR5A1186366 When importing a space with a user that had an email with a different domain, the import failed.
OCTCR5A1174077 When runs were grouped by Environment, they could not be ungrouped unless when grouped by other fields.
OCTCR5A1138096 Links to shared folders did not work.
OCTCR5A1104080 When setting up the ALM Octane and Eclipse integration, a 401 Unauthorized error occurred.
OCTCR5A1095007 Text Injection/Content Spoofing issue occurred in ALM Octane when displaying a 404 error by Jetty.

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