Introducing ValueEdge

ValueEdge is Micro Focus’ end-to-end cloud-based value stream management platform. ALM Octane is a keystone of the ValueEdge solution.

ValueEdge Overview

Micro Focus ValueEdge delivers end-to-end value stream management by providing a modular, cloud-based platform that powers the entire software product lifecycle, from strategy to delivery.

This AI-powered platform works with existing commercial and open-source software development tools. With ValueEdge, you can improve production efficiency, mitigate risks and maximize ROI across your organization.

The flexible design lets you choose a single ValueEdge module or the entire platform that can be customized to meet your organization’s unique needs.

For details, see Micro Focus ValueEdge Platform.

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ValueEdge subscriptions and functionalities

Existing ALM Octane Enterprise on SaaS customers are now part of the ValueEdge platform and are eligible for ValueEdge Quality and ValueEdge Insights, which provide all the capabilities that were included in ALM Octane Enterprise on SaaS. In addition, you now benefit from new AI-driven and value stream management capabilities as they become available.

Details of the functionality provided with each of the ValueEdge modules are listed in the table below.

Functionality ValueEdge Quality ValueEdge Insights* ValueEdge Agile Developer
Dashboard and Delivery Insights  
Public dashboard sharing  
Business Metrics / VSM    
AI Based Delivery Management    
Automation ROI metrics    
Cycle Time Insights    
Risky Code Commits Analytics    
Risk Based Testing    
Backlog (epics and backlog management, cross-release planning)  
Team Backlog  
IDE plugins  
Development Center (Commits, Pull Requests, Branches)  
Team collaboration  
Defects module  
Security integration - Fortify Suite  
Pipelines with build and Test Automation analytics    
Manual tests  

Single test

My Work  
Synchronization using Micro Focus Connect  
Flag rules  
Quality module    
On-Demand Automated test execution (with UFT One integration) and test suites    
Gherkin tests    
Model Based Testing    
Release planning, shared releases and calendars    
Release processes management    
Shared workspaces customization    
Cross-workspace reporting    
Shared application modules    
Entity migration between workspaces    
Data access control    
Workspace SAFe program    
Entity label customization    
Available License Types Named or Concurrent Named or Concurrent Named only

* On new subscriptions, and for a limited promotion period, ValueEdge Insights features will be provided as part of ValueEdge Quality.

ValueEdge Release

The ValueEdge Release license includes functionality from the ALM Octane release management and release process modules.

The Release module allows you to control release and other processes, define quality gates, and create automatic actions that run external tools and jobs on demand.

For more details, see Release processes.

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ValueEdge FAQ

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Micro Focus ValueEdge:

Q: How do you access the ValueEdge platform?

A: Click on the Home page button in the top left corner of your application. Then you can navigate the menu for the entire ValueEdge platform.

Q: From the ValueEdge platform homepage, how can you access the modules you're working with?

A: Navigate through the ValueEdge modules – Insights and Analysis, Portfolio and Strategy, Agile Delivery, Quality Management, Release Process, or My Work to get to your work area.

Q: Is there an additional cost for the new modules within the ValueEdge platform?

A: No, the new modules within the ValueEdge platform are available at no additional cost during the term of your current contract.

Q: Will you lose any functionality?

A: No, ValueEdge Agile, ValueEdge Quality, and ValueEdge Insights provide you with all the capabilities that you previously had in ALM Octane Enterprise on SaaS. In addition, you now benefit from new AI-driven and value stream management capabilities as they become available.

Q: What happens to your data and configuration?

A: All data and configurations you’ve made to ALM Octane Enterprise on SaaS will remain the same. No action is needed on your side.

Q: What is Micro Focus Model-Based Testing?

A: The Micro Focus Model-Based Testing service is a new governance and management platform for functional testing. It includes Micro Focus’ new AI Codeless Testing, an AI/Object Recognition and NLP (Natural Language Processing) testing tool. Learn more about Micro Focus Model-Based Testing at the Model-Based Testing Help Center.

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